You Know You are Dating an (anglo) CANADIAN Woman When..

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  1. Hello there !!! I am highly interested to have some Canadian girl friends.Anyone interested can add my cell number +880186951366 with whatsapp,IMO,VIBER & MHR635 IS MY Skype ID.Thanks.

  2. I don't know, but I think all the comments about Canadian girls are sluts are from jealous Americans because Canada is much better than USA and they're talking about Canadian girls like American girls, American girls are the biggest sluts in the world.

  3. More like "You Know You Are Dating an (anglo) TORONTO Woman…"
    I know this video is in jest and for fun, but I worry about how foreigners are looking at Canadian women right now after looking through the comments. I just want to put everyone's mind at ease, just like how not all of America is Texas, and not all of Europe is France, likewise not all of Canada is Toronto. Foreign men, if women like this put you off, this is an exaggerated view and is a little more typical of the biggest cities (like Toronto and Vancouver). But Canada is the second largest country in the world by area, there is A LOT of space to cover here, with many varieties of women. Do not be afraid to come here, please.

    I can relate to some of these points in the video, I'll admit. I am a western Canadian woman who is not very forward and won't give a definitive signal. I am shy and fear to step out of bounds or cross the line with someone. That part felt true, so I'm sorry to any foreign man, but you might definitely have to be the one to approach me first. And if I reject you, I will do it in the most respectful way possible, congratulating you on your bravery, because not everybody can do what you just did. I think that's one thing this video missed: Canadians are typically appreciative. They also tend to be tolerant, too, with mostly relaxed attitudes. At least in general terms, you'll always find that one person who's gotta ruin it for the rest of us, like always.
    Also, yes, hockey is religion. You will respect my team and you will cheer for them (GOD HELP YOU if you cheer for any of my rivals…) 😛

    Women here tend to be a little more outdoorsy too, which is a plus. Winter activities (God knows we have so much winter time, we gotta do something with it…) like skating, skiing, tabogganing are popular.

    I personally know girls like the one shown in this video of course, they do exist, but I can also tell you that I don't like them either and am not friends with them very often. Plus, I think this video was concentrating a lot on typical attitudes of 18-25 year olds. Past that age, the women tend to be a bit more mature here.

    So don't fear, men from foreign countries. You won't hear political/social rants from this Canadian girl just out of the blue. I am considerate of other people's opinions, even if I don't agree with them and I can have a healthy debate over it without getting all sanctimonious.

  4. I lived in Canada for 16 years and let me said something Canadian women the worst women you can have in every aspect and when she think you are doing something wrong even you are not doing it she will fuck a another guy rights away but what is funny they all are Canadian when they don't really are and does girl every day they hunt for sex like men that why people start to bring girls and guys from they own country to not be involved with Canadian , Canadian women always have a girlfriend who she have sex with and also they all want to have a black guy too they are very rude if you have and scent or they think you don't have enough money canadian women want to be the always the men and when she get that point she will cheat you they are not made to be a real partner… was the time they all want to be blond and now because they see guy are looking for something different the not Canadian now they all try to have they natura hair color back when you ask where are you from? now they said Canadian but my dad is from + and my mother is from + they try to meaning I am better girl the Canadian girl. Well the same girl who play the same GAM I remember they use to said if you want a fucking asian hooker I m a blond girl every one want me they all think they are the best in bed on sex bat they are bad I meing bad.. when you have a girl from another culture in your bed wow the differences is big

  5. I tried dating Canadian women when I was in college and it was so confusing. This completely explains why. Thank you so much for posting and putting an end to a past mystery.

  6. Dating me- "fuuuuuuuuuuuucccck" has to wake up before 5AM "I want to DIE" "I don't want to eat now" only drinks orange juice for the rest of the week cuz I'm not hungry "OmG you walk so slow" always speedwalks*. *is randomly laying in the middle of the floor "I refuse to move.." "i want pizza but don't want to interact with people.. well, guess I'll just starve" doesn't ever sleep

  7. Trying to find an attractive, educated, childless, heterosexual, genuinely good, single white man in Canada would be exactly as hard as finding the black equivalent in America, if not harder. Canada is actually just like one giant version of Detroit or an inner city ghetto of America minus any sense of community or social life….and note how the poor behaviour of black women also gets blamed on the quality of their men, just like Canadian women’s behaviour can be partially explained by that….

  8. There are often complaints heard in America from black women about there being a shortage of good black men, but what isn’t ever mentioned is the shortage of good white men in Canada which is even greater….! Note that the poor behaviour of black women in America gets blamed on the quality of their men – well, the same reasoning can be applied to the behaviour of white women in Canada….!

  9. do one about dating a Kiwi chick,yes try that one,yeah good luck with that!!!!!!!!!!!! and you'll soon realise why I'm in a relationship forever with a Ukrainian woman,she's younger and just see that will show you,the New Zealnd woman is so awful!! kind of like a cross between the Canadian and the German woman= a real nightmare! yeah only even more stiff and emotionless than the German woman=a stick in the mud a joyless stick in the mud and crossed with the macho Canadian women but more in common with the love of sport=swap ice hockey for rugby, and lots and lots actually weekly daily rugby results and attendance of these games, regional and international rugby games. Then make her like an Ausie woman in  voice and one who lives in the outback of Ausie and drinks beer like a fish. Also she wears a black singlet or T-shirt on has small sleeves and one doesn't. Also she swears like a trooper and or a sailor actually and she wears little to know make up at any time.They are not all severe, but they are like this to varying degrees.Just why bother?

You Know You are Dating an (anglo) CANADIAN Woman When..

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