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Would you delete your social media accounts to save your marriage?


The wife comes to bed late again after spending hours on Facebook… The woman feels like her husband is more interested in Twitter than her…. You may think that your little flirtations with your crush from high school are harmless, but the truth is that some partners do not like that behavior. Your marriage/relationship really could be headed for rocky shores, if not outright collapse.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or married, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and the Internet in general, can be sources of temptation and drama. Statistics have shown that one in three marriages end because of an online affair. So, would you delete your social media accounts to save your marriage? Here are the responses of some of our female celebrities;

Well, it depends – Anita Joseph, Actress

I will delete my social media accounts if my husband has been very good to me, but if not, I won’t ever. If closing my social media accounts will make him live long, I will. We will look for a way to work around it.

My husband is all that matters after God – Blessing Patrick, Actress

Yes, of course. After God, my husband is all that matters before anything. If that’s the way he wants it, then so shall it be. Though, first of all, I will plead with him to make him understand, but if he insists, I will delete my accounts. I will let him have his way, because that’s what men like. They want you to respect their opinion. It’s possible he’s just testing you. But after obeying him, I will still plead with him to have a change of heart, I believe he will allow me.

No, marriage is not my ultimate source of happiness – Queen Adakole Stephen, Model/Actress

I cannot delete my social media accounts to save my marriage, because marriage is not my end point of happiness, my career is and social media contributes greatly to it.

No, except he’ll delete his own too – Jennifer Enujiugha, Model

I won’t because aside the fact that social media is essential to my career, there is no relation or connection between my marriage and my social media accounts. Though I won’t let it break my marriage. He will have to delete his own too, so we can go back to the stone age together.

Yes, I would – Ijeoma Grace Agu, Actress

Blessing Patrick

Yes, I would delete my social media accounts to save my marriage. I prioritize my marriage over the use of social media. Yes, we use the social media to promote our career, to network and even for entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m not sure it’s worth losing my marriage over.

Yes, if it will cause chaos in my family – Grace Ama, Actress

My argument and take is that if I have social media platforms which are not for promotion of businesses   and anything on my career, I will delete them for the sake of my marriage.

Deleting such social media platform is not necessarily because of me as a person, but because   sometimes even some fans may abuse their privileges and try to create an impression where there is nothing. So, for me as a person, I will not keep any social media platform that will not promote peace in my   family. However, I can keep social media platforms that are necessary for my career and profession. In fact, there is need for understanding in a marriage and both couples must pay attention to each other. The use of social media in the family must be limited to needs and not pleasure and that is the only way it will not create a distraction and disaffection in the union.


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