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Tiger Woods to Enter Plea In DUI Case (LIVE STREAM)


Tiger Woods

Bitch, Plead


8/9/2017 5:00 AM PDT


Tiger Woods‘ DUI case is about to go in front of a judge — he’s set to be arraigned in a Florida courtroom early Wednesday morning … and TMZ Sports is live streaming the whole thing. 

The golfer is expected to enter a plea stemming from the May 29 incident — when cops found Woods passed out behind the wheel of his banged up Mercedes-Benz around 2 AM. 

Woods was completely out of it — but insisted he wasn’t drunk, it was an unexpected reaction to mixed prescription medication.  

Tiger has been charged with 3 misdemeanor counts — DUI, reckless driving and improper stopping. If convicted on all counts he could face up to 9 months in jail. 

However, since it’s Tiger’s first DUI arrest, he’ll most likely get probation, fines and community service. 

The hearing is set for 5:30 AM PT — stay tuned.



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