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The week in patriarchy: does anyone in this White House use their brain?


In the never-ending game of Trumpian musical chairs, everyone loses a seat and no ever wins. Spicer is out, the entertaining Scaramucci is out, and once again we’re stuck reeling over the sheer number of controversies in this presidency that never seem to sink anyone. At least, not yet.

My new strategy, for the time being, is just to ignore it all and put my head down. We all need a summer vacation from this mess and the fight will still be there in the morning. So I hope you’re all taking a break, thinking about the good times Robert Mueller’s investigation will bring, and putting your brain to better use than the people in charge seem to.

Glass half-full

If racism is getting you down, take some solace in the fact that most racists are unbelievably, hilariously stupid.

What I am RT’ing

Jia Tolentino

Here is everything I have to say about the specious, seductive stupidity of every anti-affirmative action argument https://t.co/dchpN0MBnE

August 2, 2017

NY Review of Books

James Baldwin’s searing open letter to Angela Davis, 1970 https://t.co/1518VS0V0u pic.twitter.com/ikHjkCchfU

August 2, 2017

Lisa Tozzi

Just a reminder, Mar-A-Lago just put in another request for temporary foreign workers https://t.co/7arnw7qfnE

August 2, 2017


“My words were my own form of resistance, and I realized that my anger could be a form of currency” – @MorganJerkins https://t.co/0nrVSq0eF8

August 2, 2017

Who I’m reading

Lindy West on why, of course, abortion should be a litmus test for Democrats; this lovely piece by Hayley Krischer on female friend break-ups; and the inimitable Patti Smith on her friend Sam Shepard.

What I’m writing

Politics getting you down? Well take some time off and read a piece about ageing, clothing and embracing all things comfortable.

How outraged I am

On a scale of one to 10, men who “thank” women for supporting them while not hiring them has me at a six, only because I don’t expect any better anymore.

How I’m making it through this week

I’m writing from a beach vacation surrounded by very cute children – so that helps. But this video of a kitten meeting a hedgehog is just as good.

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