THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Best Motivational Video for Success in Life & Study 2017

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  1. One Life, Few Breaths, One Chance, Few Moments…
    Live life, Make Friends, Find Love…
    Kiss ur mother's forehead, wrap ur Father in ur arms, hug ur Wife, be a superhero for ur kids…
    Set an example, make peace… Forgive others..
    Die one day, stay forever in hearts…
    Live fullest, live happy…
    One Life… few Breaths… Few Moments…

  2. I suffered a lot to get into the college I wanted… But now I feel like its hard to survive away from the easy stuff or the people that I love.. I don’t have motivation to do more work because I already worked hard to get here.. But honestly, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! I swear everything will change to the better starting tomorrow! Love

  3. Running from your truth will kill you. Most people won't even acknowledge their own truth, because it might hurt someones feelings…because those same people have never acknowledged THEIR truth. …or you want people to like you, I personally don't give a shit if someone likes me anymore…n when someone says they love me, that's nice…but I don't need it. I love everybody, n want to help everyone I can, n live all of my dreams, n help whomever I can to go for theirs. Chasing your own personal truth makes life better in every way.

  4. The mindset of fucking whores like you bitch!!!

    This uploader is a domestic terrorist online…a jezebelle keyboard warrior troll…who is using you as subscribers to deceive and manipulate outcomes…

    This a notorious Troll that undergoes some activities online trying to provoke a civil war, I don't know where she's based but this evil Troll is some piece of work, that I have managed to Expose!!… Right here below:, 


    This is the Troll who is under multiple names and channels including her instagram mzjwright007 is operating online and who is also under the name janet wright aka jamila hakam mzjwright who is operating online and is one of the  notorious ones on YouTube for as a disinfo shill, breaching personal details and information, Hate messages,  orchestrating Stalking & Gaslighting:, … who is also notorious for electronic Harrasment and hacking! 

    She also does witchcraft and spies!

  5. Best video ever, I mean it. I’m 28 and have been afraid of myself and other people for 28 years. Time to live my dreams. Seeking other people’s approval moves you know where. I’ve been stuck for 28 years. Starting now, No More!!!!
    Thank you, God Bless!!!

  6. Every since I realize I was born different and created to bring purpose to those around me I find myself watching tv less and watching motivation videos more. Growing up I was gifted with the ability to attract a crowd and make people life but never was able find a best friend etc. It was cool because it allowed me have a good understanding of people.

  7. Consistency is key to success, it is our choice what we think it becomes our destiny, it may be a bottle of whisky, it may be a medal or it may be a trophy of victory. Beautiful lines monthly goals weekly goals, every day goals yes discipline is key to all doors of victory

THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Best Motivational Video for Success in Life & Study 2017

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