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The Fiance Who Loves His Girl’s Friends To Bits


As Ife helped her friends into a stretch Hummer she’d organised to take them all to the night club where they’d planned a ‘hen’ party for Fade, her best friend, she had no inkling of the nightmare that would later unfold. “We’d started drinking from another friend’s house where we had all assembled. By the time we got to the club close to midnight, we were slushed.

The music was loud, and so were we – and the conversation got more and more blue as the night went on. A lot of men came up and asked us to dance. They wanted to know who the hen was for and whether she wanted a ‘last bit of fun’ before getting hitched”, Ife said.

Shapeless man

‘’It was boisterous and good-natured but I was careful not to get too frisky with the guys. I was next on the list to get married and was desperately in love with my hubby-to-be, Mayowa. We’d known each other from our secondary school years and stayed friends until he went off to university. As so often happens, we drifted apart and didn’t see each other again until a year before when we met quite by chance, during a night out with friends.

“Things picked up pretty quickly from there and we became an item. He was charming, clever and really good company. All my friends liked him and were thrilled when, after just a year of going out, he asked me to marry him. Mayowa seemed to like my friends too, and enjoyed their company. 1 was soon to find out he enjoyed it rather too much! It’s normally the case when a group of girls go out on the town that at one point, one of them will get overwrought and fearful – thanks to too much booze. That night was no different and it was Nkechi, a good friend who was looking glum.

“You know you’re a lucky girl to have Mayowa,” she slurred. ‘I know,’ I agreed with her, not wanting to boast but delighted to hear one of my friends sing the praises of my charming fiance. ‘He’s tall, good looking, fit body,’ continued Nkechi, ‘and good in bed too … “ The music was loud but I was sure I’d heard right. I was shocked. I grabbed her by the wrist and demanded, ‘what did you just say?’ She looked at me with drunken eyes and spat, ‘you heard me. Your Mr. Perfect is no saint you know.’ Despite the noise of the music, the rest of our group could hear the atmosphere was turning ugly.

“1 grabbed Nkechi’s extensions and pulled back her head. ‘You’re making this up. Why are you running my fiance down?’ Bouncers seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to trouble and are dab hands at getting it out of their bar as quickly as possible.

Two of them appeared from nowhere and stood between Nkechi and I and encouraged us to continue our spat outside. “I was a bit belligerent at this stage. “I would not!’ I began before a strong arm wrapped around me and I was half guided, half carried to the door.

Nkechi emerged seconds after me. The people trying to get into the bar knew what was coming next and they cheered as I went for her. That’s when another friend Julie arrived. Seeing things could get really nasty, she attempted to play peacemaker. She failed miserably. ‘Oh come on you two,’ she pleaded. ‘Calm down before the police are called. Come on Ife, don’t ruin your best friend’s hen night.  Let’s go somewhere else … ‘

That’s when Nkechi dropped her second bombshell. ‘That’s right Julie; calm it all down. You wouldn’t want Ife to find out about you and Mayowa … ‘ It hit me like a punch. Julie was my best and most-trusted friend. She was going to be my maid of honour. Surely she hadn’t slept with Mayowa too? I looked at her and the answer was in her eyes, I was shocked. ‘Why you … ‘ I screeched, launching myself at her. She’s a bit taller than me, but I was fired up with rage and she staggered back as I crashed into her. I was vaguely away that the people outside the club were going berserk. It must have been quite a floor show for them.

“The bouncers waded in again and at that moment a police car rolled up. Spending the night in a cell was not something I fancied, so I forced myself to calm down. But the rage inside me was horrible. Finally, after the police had spoken to us and persuaded me not to tear both Julie and Nkechi’s heads off, I stomped off down to the corner where a few taxis were lined up.

“ As late as it was when I got home, I wanted to call Mayowa and confront him. But what was the point? I knew what Nkechi said was true. It wasn’t something she was going to lie about The next day was awful. Hung over and tearstained, I made myself decent for the confrontation that was to come.

Thankfully, the rage had ebbed away in the night, but I was left with a yawning feeling of emptiness. As soon as Mayowa let me into his flat, I told him to forget the wedding, telling him of my two friends’ confessions. Astonishingly, he tried to laugh it off and claimed that he’d just slept with my friends after having too much to drink. He told me it was no big deal, that a lot of men do it with their girlfriends’ friends.

“Did I know this man at all? Maybe Nkechi and Julie have done me a favour. I certainly don’t want to be married to a man who can’t keep his trousers up after a couple of beers. What could have been a night to rehearse my own hen- party had turned into the worst night of my life.

“Since we are both in our mid-twenties and in retrospect, we might have rushed into things a bit. Now I have to start looking for a suitable partner, and with

What I’d just gone through, it’s going to be a heck of an effort … “


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