The Beautiful Truth About Online Dating | Arum Kang & Dawoon Kang | TEDxUCDavisSF

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  1. Let's be honest, girls on dating sites don't even bother reading your bio unless they find you attractive. There is a huge pool of guys to choose from, they wont settle on a 5 or below.

  2. I found your data info very thought provoking, The bottom line is a avenue to solutions many people face, Now what about the people who are baby boomers. those who comfortable in their zone. The world has changed so much since computers came along. Going out to dinner was a privilege of planning, so that intimacy would not become over bearing with compensation in lack of interest of one another. Thanks for the attention.

  3. It is so true. I've only been doing this for a little while and I have come to the same conclusions as these two ladies.
    It is like a damn meat market. It is set up so you only see the pictures at first and then scroll down to the profile. So I'll be browsing and see someone that looks nice or has an interesting picture. If I scroll down and they only have a few words, 9 times out of 10 I will skip them.

  4. not only do I hate this video but also it has a bad effect on choosing videos from TED!
    pay attention when your data review results are not general, you should not exposure from the loved channel(I mean TED)!
    I think engineers have more opportunity to be loved than others

  5. If you are online dating, you need to be very aware of sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths. They frequent dating sites. Check out the work of Sam Vaknin, Richard Grannon, Thrive after Abuse and HG Tudor, all experts in the field. Beware of the signs to look for

  6. My opinion online dating is only good if you're female. As a man there's no point in even trying online, the girls there are looking for someone perfect on biography, not what you're actually like in person. I'm not trying to be vain but I'd consider myself to be a really good looking dude, and I've tried online dating for 2 years now and it's damn struggle I have no idea what these girls are looking for online.

  7. I don't care about what seems for instance creepy to other people.
    They can gross themselfes out with their own Negativity and their
    obsessive limitations all they want.
    I always have to laugh when I witness women who feel entitled
    and have any expectations about men they failed to invest their
    most attractive youth into… =oD

  8. The truth is that people who have trouble finding partners
    in their real life surroundings should NOT waste time online.
    They need to evolve, find other surroundings, open up..
    People should go online if they search for good info,
    like PUA Lessons, or whatever, not in search for their individual solutions.
    Individual solutions must be CREATED OFFLINE, by the Individuals themselfes.

  9. So true about the women wanting the higher income man. True story that happened to me after being with a woman for a over a year. She told me at the end of the day she wanted somebody who could financially support her and I met her on a dating site. Imagine that

  10. Creepy? it was very common for a 40 year old man to marry 20 years olds, 80 years ago… a man wasn't established till around 40 years of age, and a 40 year old women was not a  good choice to get pregnant and start a family with…. And Online, men have to send out 200 messages a day! To get one single  reply!

  11. Yes, I created three different profiles, one of a athletic tall guy, another of a model, and one of myself… I got 2 messages after 3 months. The other two profiles got dozens of messages from women, who didn't not even read the profile… I wrote in the profile do not comment on my looks and write me more than one sentence or I will not reply. And so many women would say things, Hello? How are you? You're cute. You're hot…. So men and women are both superficial pieces of shit… however, women are worse because they hold men to higher standards and make men go through litmus tests as if they are better… sorry. no thanks.

  12. Hi Everyone 🙂

    You are invited to participate in a voluntary, anonymous questionnaire assessing personality, motivations and online dating behaviours. The questionnaire can be accessed online and will take roughly 30 minutes to complete. Your participation in this questionnaire will further the exploration of online dating behaviour. To participate, please access the link,


  13. Evolutionary psychology at work. There is not enough of the good stuff to go around in the SMP. The reason why men are not attracted to older women is the same reason men are not attracted to sheep or dogs. No surprise that scientists and engineers are non-select, because the logic is unappealing to fantasy and delusion. Short profiles all look the same and short replies show disinterest or too many contacts. Great point on making ourselves real and vulnerable. But, IF you are in the non-select category or speak honestly, out goes 80% plus. The problem is like fitting square pegs in round holes. Ask most men what they want and ask most women what they want and you get two different answers.

  14. What raises a smile with me is, women say 'Men only care about what a woman looks like', yet they universally refuse to respond to initiate contact with any man that doesn't include a picture of themselves. The men might have written the most interesting or appealing profile yet they won't even entertain the notion. I have seen many women upload photos with heavy make up, romantic blurring and outright photo-shopping. I would never consider having any contact with a woman no matter what if she 'mutilates' her own image in a publicly view-able space. I would also be wary of those who post overtly sexual or revealing pictures. Who exactly do they want to attract?

    The problem I encounter is, when I go out, I get approached by women in the 25 to 35 year age range. These I generally would consider too young. Yet when I have managed to meet and get to know women closer to my own age, they have all had a problem stating that when in public they feel slightly embarrassed to appear to have selected a man much younger than themselves. I was accused by one womans' family of being an obvious gold digger toy-boy, even though we both had the same job, the same income and I was 4 years older than the woman. I do agree a greater proportion of men than would be preferable go for women who are much younger than themselves, but generally women also prefer a man to be (and appear to be) around 7 to 10 years older than them too.

    I have used dating sites, mainly to get a sense of who uses them. I never upload a photograph for public view. My feeling is, if they won't even talk to a man because they don't know what he looks like, then I wouldn't want to know them anyway. In truth, generally most say I look much younger than my chronological age. I am fit healthy with a flat stomach in my mid 50's. Generally I get described as 'Not bad' with some thinking better than 'Good' because of my fair hair and blue eyes. I don't particularly like to go to drinking establishments to meet women, I really dislike the fact that women too often seem to need to drink heavily to overcome their reticence. It would matter to me how attractive a woman was, if she can hardly walk or talk in a public space due to alcohol use. I'm not interested and never would be, even if I later met them sober.

    I do read profiles and find some fascinating and appealing as someone I would enjoy getting to know generally. I have chatted with 'some' women on forums etc (not dating sites) and have even met a couple of women who I then had a 'longish' relationship with. In my view men are more open to meeting 'friends' online whereas though most women say they want friendship, they rarely if ever bother to respond to anyone they are not romantically interested in. They seem to lack the confidence to believe they could control the relationship after initial contact should it not become romantic, or less than rewarding for them. One thing I think would be more helpful in online dating sites is, not only to see the profile, but to see who they like and dislike. I think you would get more a sense of someone's personality that way. I think dating sites should organise online activities, so that just as in the real world you can get to know a group of people that way and then refine your choices. Virtual tours, talks and post talk discussions or simple games etc

  15. I remember her pitching an online dating deal, with two others that might have been her sisters, on "Shark Tank." Super smart woman! I'm pretty sure Mark Cuban offered to buy 100% of her Co. for 30 million.

  16. The reason people are cynical and skeptical is because you'll have under average women that receive 10-15 messages a day and believe they're better looking than thy really are. These same women in person would never be approached. As a man I can say they're 3 categories we put women into while online dating. #1 No , #2 fuckable and #3 dateable. So something that would be a 1 night stand thinks they are sought after.

  17. Man are attracted to women exhibiting traits of good fertility; what a shock? It's called genetics get over it.

    Women are attracted to cash and prizes or a man's ability to provide for her and her offspring; what a shock? It's called genetics get over it.

  18. problem is guys usually want to hook up so although a girl is beautiful, intelligent, demonstrates her personality, is funny, and easy going, the second she says that she respects herself and will not hang out with a dude at his place after a couple days of convo and not even a date or phone # exchange, he flees. the problem is being a woman/man of morals and class in a world where promiscuous and disgusting males want easy and vile females.

  19. Haha, so basically she's saying that if online dating isn't working, it's your fault. LOL! And insinuates that it's never the nature of the service, and pressures everyone to accept that the data she that says online dating is doing great for most people is absolutly true and should not be questioned. Yeah right lady. I wish there was more honesty in this talk. I think people appreciate it when speakers mention several sides to a problem, like counter arguments. Nope, it's usually 'listen to me, I'm right'.
    In reality, online dating is great to a degree, but has short comings that real life does not have. Like for instance, in real life, you connect with people on many level in a heart beat, by just being in the same room making eye contact with each other. All it takes is a simple very subtle smile and a prolonged stare, and you've already spoken pages of info to each other and connect. When you then talk with each other, every nuance of the conversation is important sych as eye movement, posture, voice, smell, etc. The connection is way more rich, and honesty is easier to see. Online, none of that exists. All you have are words and deceptive images. As a man, you have to poor out hundreds of messages to hundreds of women just to get one possible response from a lady you may not even like. In face to face interaction, you can walk into a highly populated resturant several times in one week and connect with a lady by just locking eyes and starting conversation.Online dating does provide the ability to read more info about the person of interest, but it usually only works for women, not men, as men are forces to spend more time emailing random women with hopes of getting a response, while women post one pretty picture, then sit back and swim through a sea of emails. This lady wasn't honest about the male/female difference in how much better online dating is for women over men.

  20. I'm not surprised by engineers because many don't have the necessary dating skills due to their job function and perhaps even personality. Not trying to knock them as many of my friend are engrs but they often don't put in the effort to improve their dating skills.

  21. My problem is the I am only 5' 9". Majority of women set their limits at 5'10". This is a fact, look it up.  So yes, online dating is BS because when all is said and done, it is still superficial. The words are only important when the door is opened.

The Beautiful Truth About Online Dating | Arum Kang & Dawoon Kang | TEDxUCDavisSF

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