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Scheana Marie Reveals New Vanderpump Rules Cast Members!


If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, then the thought of DJ James Kennedy probably brings to mind the image of a shaved ferret furiously pounding the play button on iTunes and wondering why women aren’t lining up to have sex with him.

Or maybe that’s too harsh.

Perhaps for you, DJ James conjures thoughts of a Harry Potter prequel that focuses on young Voldemort’s time as a West Hollywood club douche.

Whatever the case, we’re all in agreement that James is the absolute worst.

Unfortnuately, we have bad news for the James Haters out there, as it looks like Kennedy will be back for another season of pretending he has any reason to hang out around the rest of the Vanderpump crew.

This year promises to be even more awkward than last, as James’ one pseudo-ally, Lala Kent, quit the show last summer.

James needs someone to talk to other than the unseen middle-aged dude he rents a corner from (we assume his name is Ron), which might explain why Raquel Leviss is apparently being added to the cast.

The news comes to us courtesy of a post on Scheana Marie’s Instagram page:

Scheana posted the above pic during a day of filming, and the introductory tone of the caption led many fans to the impression that the folks she’s flanked by will be joining the Vanderpump family for Season 6:

“My pageant queen and SUR’s newest!” Scheana wrote alongside the pic.

The woman, of course, is pageant competitor and noted bad decision maker Leviss.

She’s dating Kennedy, who we can only assume has some Trump pee tape-level dirt on her.

The dude is a male model named Adam Spott, who is now, according to Scheana, SUR’s newest.

We’re not sure what sort of ties Spott has to the rest of the cast, but it’s not the first time producers have tried to liven things up with a newcomer who never appeared on the show as a friend of an existing SUR-ver.

It didn’t work out so well for Lala, or the ill-fated Vail Bloom (We miss you, baby girl.), but maybe the third time will turn out to be the charm.

If nothing else, Spott will give the ladies of SUR something to look at other than Kennedy’s rage-contorted mug, and we’re sure they’re grateful for that.



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