Learn How To Understand Dog. Fun Animal Behavior & Psychology 101 Facts

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  2. Learn Doggy Language. Pets Say To U Much More Than U Think. They might not speak worlds but they still can say speak as good as you do. Most of the doggy talk is no brainer but some are exactly the opposite of what you may think. Take it from me – I own dogs for the last 30 years. Each one I either adopted from the shelters or found abandoned on the streets.
    1. Eye contact. If dog attitude is relaxed, dog is probably conveying affection.
    2. Eye contact. If dog seems anxious or jumpy, it's probably that dog wants something from you.
    3. One paw up. If your dog is tensed with one paw in the air, it generally means they are preparing to pounce on something.
    4. Tongue flicking. If your dog is repeatedly flicking his tongue, it can be a sign of anxiety with an unfamiliar person, place, or animal.
    5. Bringing you things. If your dog is bringing you things, it can either be that dog wants to give you a gift or wants to play fetch.
    6. Stretching front paws. Either your dog exercises or wants to play with you.
    7. Sitting on your feet. If you are around other dogs, this could be a possessive action, letting the other canines know that you're taken.
    8. Sitting on your feet. If you no other dogs around, the dog does not want you to go.
    9. Licking your face. Either your dog wants to eat or shows affection.
    10. Putting paws on your shoulders. It means that your dog is really big and shows affection.
    11. Dog sniffing you. It means that dog is checking were you have been by reading your smell.
    12. Dog gives you paw. Dog wants your attention.
    13. Sleeping in your bed. Your dog wants to be close to you and is surrounding herself with your scent.
    14. Dog takes the leash. Dog wants to go out.
    15. Dog sticking out the tong. Your dog is overheating.
    16. Dog lays belly up. Usually dogs feels safe and happy.
    17. But could be a sign of submission – depending on situation.
    18. Dog wagging the tail. Usually sign of happiness.
    19. Hunching. This generally indicates dog is afraid of something in his immediate environment.
    20. Hugging. Dog shows affection.
    21. Chewing. If your dog is more than 2 years old and still has problems with chewing on things, dog probably suffers from anxiety.
    22. Dog freezes and looks away. Dog is startled and investigates something.
    23. Dog freezes – becomes suddenly stiff and curls lip to show teeth. Sign of imminent attack.
    24. Dog is hiding behind person or object. Avoidance Behavior.
    25. Dog won't stop barking. Dog is annoyed.
    26. Dog is leaning to you. Sign of love and affection.
    27. Dog is smiling. Sign of happiness.
    28. Dog won't play. Means something is bothering the dog.
    29. Dog is staring at you. Dog does not understand what you are doing or wanting.
    30. Dog is standing on back paws. Doggy is begging for something.
    Congratulations! You have just learned Doggy Psychology 101 & You can sleep well.

Learn How To Understand Dog. Fun Animal Behavior & Psychology 101 Facts

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