Information Technology Interview Tips – The Interview

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  1. Watched this video and I gotta call bull on the asking why you didn't get a position part. I have asked almost every single one I've had an interview with and none of them have ever responded to me with an answer. The best I would get if I did get an answer was that they found someone more qualified for the position.

  2. How do you answer this question.? You have a priority ticket that affects the entire company and at the same time you have a CEO who is asking you to help him with the particular issueWho do you help first and why

  3. Hello Sir,,,
    Actually I am a System Administrator having 2+ years of experience.But due to some problem I quit my job. Actually​ I have worked in 3 organization. But as this much of experience also I am not able to crack any interview (not a single organization is selecting me). From more than 4 months I am trying my best.But not any satisfactory result.I am just charging CTC according to the industrial standard only. Please suggest something or my carrier will be getting……

  4. A big problem wit many IT jobs is the following:
    1. The descriptions are unrealistic in a lot of jobs. Many times they're​ not even required by the job, you're suppose to do. A lot of this is, because​ of non-IT people writing the description.

    2. Many times you aren't even​ interviewing with the IT Staff, which makes it hard to know what the job requires.

  5. I just had a interview for IT entry level job. I was interview by five people. I was really overwhelm because each of them ask me many very technical questions. I told them I don't even know most of the technical questions. I've learn that I need to continue self disciplining my computer knowledge.

  6. So I just had my first interview today, like my first real interview today for IT (Desktop Support). I did not know what to expect or the kind of questions they were going to ask. I felt confident and all, but i did stumble on some of the questions they did ask. Like for me the first question was ("What is DHCP, and what does it do?) OMG I got stuck! I've been going to school for IT for the past year in a half and I got stuck on this, WTF! lol and there was more like DNS, and more of Active directory questions, some I did know but some I didnt. Probably 50/50 I could give a good answer, Its been stressing me a little today because of my answers of the technical parts. So after I watched this video, I started feeling a little bit better about this. I really appreciate the video and the tips and tricks!

  7. I am 40 years old with an analytical mindset and have been it IT for 10 years with the past 2 years as a information security analyst. What do you suggest I do to move ahead in my security career? 1)Try to get a SOC Analyst Position 2) Stay where I'm at to get more experience under my belt? 3)Move into Data Scientist Role?

    I do have CISSP and other certs but not the CEH as my current position is mostly creating reports from security appliances and doing reviews.

Information Technology Interview Tips – The Interview

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