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Incorporate Exercise Into Your Everyday Life


Incorporate Exercise Into Your Everyday Life
Incorporate Exercise Into Your Everyday Life
As technology advances, people become less active. Even something as simple as getting up from the couch to change the channel on the television is not necessary. When you consider how many people work at a computer at least part of the day, it is easy to see why so many people are overweight or out of shape. Most people do not want to go home after working all day to have to do some sort of exercise. Instead of a formal exercise routine that will seldom get done, here are some tips to help you exercise more.


One of the best, easiest and cheapest forms of exercise is walking. If you think you cannot find the time to take a walk, think again. There are little ways to get in a bit throughout the day. Park in a far corner of your parking space instead of one close to the building, walk to the restaurant to pick up your lunch and pace the room while talking on the phone. Over the course of the day, this will add up.

Take the Stairs

People spend a lot of money on a stair stepper or a gym membership when they could simply use the stairs anytime they are going from one floor to another. Quit using elevators and escalators and you will get the same effect. Even if you do not have the opportunity often, it is probably going to be the same amount that you would use your stepper at home or go to the gym.
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Play with Your Kids

The next time your kids ask you to play hopscotch or jump rope with them, do it. Do not just suggest a video or board game. If you must play a video game, make it one that you have to move with; there are all kinds of dance and exercise games out now.

Clean up the Yard

If you are not into gardening, which would be a great form of exercise, at least get outside and do some yard work. You will get the added benefit of being out in the sunshine which will increase the level of serotonin in your body and put you in a better mood.

Play Music When Doing Housework

Housework is a good form of activity in itself, but when you play some music while working, you tend to move to the beat. While you are standing at the sink washing dishes, you will find yourself swaying and bouncing to the tune for added exercise. There is nothing like dancing with your broom while sweeping the kitchen floor.

Have a Sandwich for Lunch and Go For a Walk

You cannot say there is no time to exercise if you make a sandwich and go for a walk at lunch. Instead of woofing down some fast food, enjoy your meal while walking around the block. If possible, take your dog with you, it will provide you with bonding time.

When you get right down to it, there are many ways to get up and get active without having to give up any of your other chores or duties. Besides, taking care of yourself is your most important job. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t take care of those counting on you.


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