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How to Kiss creatively in multiple ways


How to Kiss creatively in multiple ways

Want some more adventurous alternatives to the French kiss? This tutorial teaches you many other passionate ways of kissing your partner. Learn the butterfly kiss, the reverse or upside down kiss, the facial kiss, and the dominant kiss. You will be exciting your partner with new ways to smooch.

Step 1: The Butterfly

You don’t need to use your lips for a seductive kiss. The butterfly kiss is a sweet and gentle alternative that can be as powerful as a fully fledged snog… and without the possible disadvantage of having to taste your partner’s last meal. Put your face close to your partner’s cheek, so close that when you flutter your eyelashes they brush against their cheek.

Step 2: The Reverse

This is also known as the Upside Down Kiss, and requires you to stand above your partner or kneel behind them if they’re lying down. Lean over them until your mouth is above theirs. Move your head down until your lips touch, and try a french kiss from this position.

Step 3: The Facial

The lips aren’t the only sensitive part of the face or body, let your mouth wander… …to the ears. Treat the earlobe as if it were the lower lip and tug on it with your lips and teeth. Make soft noises, being careful not to be too loud to avoid deafening your partner. It won’t really matter what you say, as the tickle of your lips and your breath will be all they’re thinking about.

Step 4: The Dominant

Take control of the kiss by giving your partner a gentle bite. Make sure you don’t hurt them, but this kiss can be effective as a ticklish surprise, so try biting their neck while you stand behind them. Keep it affectionate by kissing the spot you’ve bitten. For a more gentle option, nip their flesh between your lips rather than using your teeth.

Remember to take regular breaks.

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