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Guys Reveal Why They Love Their Partners & You'll Cry So Much, People Will Ask If You're OK


It’s kind of hard to remember that something as magical and wonderful as real LOVE can still exist. It’s especially hard when our world is starting to feel like it’s turned into a reality show in which we are all unwilling participants. But alas, a recent Reddit thread reminded us that it really is still out there.

The thread asked guys to explain their reasons for loving their girlfriends, and boy, oh, boy, did they deliver with the responses.

This one’s for anyone who’s ever wondered, “Why do guys love their girlfriends?” Prepare your tear ducts, and check out what these guys had to say for yourself below.

She means “everything” to him.

She’s smart, sexy, funny, manages to put up with my ridiculously outrageous past, is a loving mother to our child and step mother to our older son. She’s challenging, honest, loves her family and just means everything to me.


She “gets” him.

She gets me. She’s there with an ear when I need it. She knows how to touch me. She knows how to speak to me. She’ll often do both just by looking me in the eye.


She actually cares about what he’s interested in.

She takes a geniune interest in a lot of my interests and hobbies which is awesome.


She gives him the confidence to do anything.

She makes me feel like I can do anything


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She’s always there when he needs her.

Sounds paranoid I know but she’s one of the only people I really trust with anything.

I’m a very self-sufficient guy and I try hard to make sure I never have to rely on anyone else, so I never have to put anyone in a tough position. But when I need something, or need to talk to someone, or need someone to just be there for me, I know she’ll do her best to help me. Just like I’d do my best to help her.

It means a lot.


She appreciates the worst parts of him.

She makes me feel like the best person alive even after telling her all the worst things about myself.


She showed him a kind of love he didn’t know existed.

She makes me feel like I never have before. I didn’t know love like this could exist before meeting her. She makes me feel special when I don’t think I am. She makes me feel funny when I think I’m being a moron. She makes me feel sexy when I feel like sloth from the goonies.

She’s incredibly smart and interesting and sexy and cute and every second with her is fun on a level I never knew existed. If she’ll let me I plan on spending the rest of my life with her.


She’s the girl version of him.

She’s me, but a girl.


She still makes his heart skip a beat.

After almost 8 years of being married she still makes my heart skip a beat.. She’s a hard worker, super smart, has a great personality that everyone loves to be around, she’s smoking hot even after 2 kids, and she knows how to make my bad days good and my good days better.. I couldn’t imagine life without her..


She knows how to bring him out of his shell.

She’s extremely talented. When I’m a little off, she brings me back down. Compliments me a lot. Gets me out of the house (I’m an introvert.) Genuinely kind and cares about how I feel about things. Makes an effort to help Sexy dynamite, engages in my fetishes even if she’s not into them. Sings with me in the car Opened me up to new experiences I’m not that funny but she laughs anyways


She’s beautiful no matter what.

She’s so much fun to be around and has an amazing personality. She looks amazing with both makeup on and off. She can joke around even with topics she has strong opinions on. She just makes my day better. Maybe one day she’ll feel the same about me.


She likes him just the way he is.

She makes me feel like I’m good enough already just the way I am.

We’re good at sex with each other, and we’re good at communication with each other.

She’s always there for me when I need her, but we both have our own lives and aren’t dependent on each other for entertainment or happiness.


She’s his other half.

She’s like a part of me – if she’s not there I don’t feel whole. She’s so smart and brave. She loves the same things I do. I am completely myself with her, which is an incredible feeling. We constantly touch each other because being in contact is part of how we interact. She’s sexy but doesn’t feel like it, except when we’re getting busy. She laughs so hard it makes me so happy. She’s kind and supports her friends but she needs me in a way that is really special without being a burden. Lying in bed and talking with her is about the best thing in the world for me. Also she loves dogs as much as I do.


She literally makes him LOL.

She makes me legitimately laugh without trying too hard, which I feel is pretty rare. When she gets excited about anything, she has this amazing glow and honest happiness in her voice that can’t help but make you excited as well. We’re both fairly practical people and she always does a good job making gifts practical while also being surprising/enjoyable.

Not to mention, she is the most gorgeous girl in the world and I honestly believe that. She thinks I’m lying and maybe I am a tad biased, but I mean it when I say it.


She never gives up on him.

She drives me crazy. She’s stubborn – not the good kind of stubborn, but the kind where something doesn’t work so she keeps trying to do it the same way, and she’s pretty selfish a lot of the time.


When I’m depressed, she doesn’t give up on me. She doesn’t let me go off and die in a corner somewhere. When my anxiety builds up and I just can’t Human any more, she Humans for both of us. When I make grandiose plans, then fail to follow through on any of them, she’s still there to make dinner.

We’re both broken, but we fix each other.


She’s been her amazing self for almost two decades.

I’m attracted to her in ways I have never felt before. There’s no one single thing I’m attracted to, it’s all of her.

She’s funny but thinks I’m funnier (I’m probably not)

She’s really intelligent but feels no need to have anyone else know it

She does the right thing, always choosing to be a better person, every day

She has a really nice bum

we’ve been married for almost 20 years.


OK, now, wipe those tears off your face and get back to work.

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Candice Jalili

Candice is a staff writer here at Elite Daily. She possesses both the body and the humor of a 15-year-old boy while she enjoys the lifestyle of a 75-year-old woman.

Candice is a staff writer here at Elite Daily. She possesses both the body and the humor of a 15-year-old boy while she enjoys the lifestyle of a 75-year-old woman.

Guys Reveal Why They Love Their Partners & You’ll Cry So Much, People Will Ask If You’re OK


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