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  1. Let me fix this scene for you.

    "It's not your fault.

    Except for your attempt to cover the producer of this movie's ass for sexual assault because you feel indebted to him for making you a star. THAT is totally your fucking fault."

  2. I wasn't beat mercilously as a kid, but I was subjected to severe emotional neglect and emotional abuse as a young kid and, along with not having a father around, that resulted in my becoming so infatuated and obsessed with certain men.. And even women sometimes, in my life. I've been so misunderstood and hurt. So damn hurt I just block people out now and don't want friends.. Anything. I cry whenever I watch this scene.. Because I just need to be reminded it isn't my fault I'm this sick. All I want to do is be a psychologist so damn bad.. Just so I can be there for children and teens who grew up just like me.

  3. I remember watching this for the first time and the pain in my heart that came from trying to hold back from crying because of an abusive childhood as well. Never has a movie brought me back like that and helped me let go a little at the same time.

  4. Man Robin Williams, it would have been an honor to have known you as a person. He would be that person who would sit at a local coffee shop everyday and read the paper and you would go in and sit with him and just talk to him. Ask him about love, about regret about everything and he would give you the best advice. I'm so sorry Robin, I wish somebody could have talked to you man.

  5. I remember this scene so well but never thought it applied to me. This year at over half a century old, a friend told me for the first time it wasn't my fault. All this time I blamed myself for being unlovable, and still do even though my parents are deceased. I need to hear those words again and again until I can believe them. The head knows but the heart does not.
    RIP Robin xoxo I hope you have your much deserved peace.

Famous Movie Scene: Good Will Hunting “It’s Not Your Fault” HD

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