Dating Is Dead | Kevin Carr | TEDxWilmingtonSalon

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  1. That's my question, we know can talk with someone for months over Facebook or Skype, we can really get to know them better than ever before, if we have this ammount of information about the other person, why in the world will dating be going down and not going up?

  2. I think you can never go wrong with dating. In finding your match you need to start the very basic, do not jump right away for the things you aren't sure. Just take it slow and everything will follow.

  3. In the early 80's, all the way up the late 2000's – requesting/receiving phone numbers was fool proof for at least one date. In 2017, giving a girl your number doesn't do shit except get awkward silences and ghosting…..

  4. Good TedTalk. I certainly wish I had a road map for dating in 2017! I was nowhere near "ready" to marry in my 20s. Now that I am 31, I am open to the idea of building a healthy romantic companionship with someone….only to learn that many men who present themselves as "available" are not actually available emotionally or spiritually. Women like myself do not seek love with their hand out; they want the real value of a companion, and that extends far beyond financial or physical benefits. Although I am hopeful, I am vigilant and patient. In the mean time, I am taking advantage of my single status and travelling the world, meeting interesting people, EATING (lol) and continuing to enjoy and edify my "personhood". Not as a cheap attempt to attract love, but as a logical and responsible way of simply enjoying my life 🙂

  5. It is true. People in today's society have much less sex than ever…
    This "availability of sex" is all just lies and Illusions, like Commercials who promise bogus things..
    It is a business, it is all commercialized, it has become a bogus expensive Commodity.
    On the other hand, with so many interesting diseases out there, I would not want to risk sex with too many partners.
    Only with relatively healthy young girls, who use their chance to invest into a possibly "right guy",
    and who hopefully did not have, too many partners, either…..
    So my own attitude towards this has also ALWAYS been quite restrictive, and understandably so..
    I rather relief myself with good masturbation or my own WM Dolls (which is so good that I am not sure, if it can be
    called masturbation), then risk infection from some less attractive women or even prostitute..
    And this is me, a rather average and normal man, not some super rich or famous guy…
    I understand, girls and women naturally are even much, much more picky than me,
    while many men "take anything they can get, any which way they can get it..".
    I am getting along very well as a single, and I will rather stay single forever, as long as the relationship
    (the whole package) is not really, really good, and very alluring, right from the start.

  6. 30 years of feminism dividing men and women relations.More liberal aporoach to life and social sites where young people stay for hours instead have contact with others in reality.

  7. Dating is fucking dead period. For years now I've only been blown off for some other muscle bound fuckheads with the combined intelligence of a sack of fucking rocks because you know, being a sweet and caring guy is JUST SO FUCKING BORING. I'D RATHER DATE A MUSCULAR ASSHOLE WHO'LL TREAT ME LIKE SHIT

  8. The only real problems I see are that people arent willing to stay through hardships in relationships anymore, and that getting a date that is worthwhile is nearly impossible without the internet, and even then thats hard as shit to do without paying a buttload of money.

  9. i very much want commitment but i just don't trust that i will get lucky with a woman that will also want and work for it and completely assfuck me in court when she gets bored with me. feminist radicals and social media is actually what is killing relationships. Then couple that along with more online access to multiple potential partners. You take acess to lots of people and mix that with horriblly biased family court laws and you get a generation of people saying no to relationships because even without actual marriage there is still common law marriage and you still get fucked over. The risk is not worth it for most men anymore.

Dating Is Dead | Kevin Carr | TEDxWilmingtonSalon

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