Dating a Man with Kids

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  1. I'm a dad with kids so I might be biased but I think dating a guy with kids is perfectly fine if they're ready to be dating. A lot aren't and it shows. If both parties are mature enough to deal with it then it's fine. I made a video about this very topic so go check it out, it's from the angle of the dad with kids instead of the woman without kids.

  2. If the first guy wasn't too gay he would look a lot sexier. I'm gay and I don't get guys who act more girly than a woman. Maybe the ones that are transitioning I understand. Here in the city I live 90% of the gay guys act sooooo girly, it's annoying and the other 10% are the kind of muscle with no brain guys.

  3. If you are child free and you date a single father then you have no Honor. 80% of Single fathers are irresponsible and 9 out of 10 times they have several baby mama's. Single dad's are a deal breaker for me too I don't even want to talk to them unless they are a friend of my friend or family's close friend then it's OK for a small chitchat but in general I avoid them like the pest. Single Mothers are a pain too but not as dreadful as the biggest waste of time called a single dad.

  4. stupid wendy. He obviously doesn know anything. telling a beautiful woman not to date a man with kids. wendy obviously a man. look at that adams apple. what was your name wendy? did it used to be william? a man with a job and has a kid, is NOT a bad thing.

  5. I been through the whole dating a man with kid phase but here's the thing if your young do not get involved in this type of relationship because it will only hurt you in the end another thing to those who say oh it's karma when you start having kids and you end up single and no one will want you then.. That's a whole presence thing you will have to find someone who doesn't mind you having a kid just like how is child free people who don't want any baby mama drama need to fin is child free people duh

  6. Why are people so against dating someone with kids? I'm 21 and my boyfriend just turned 31. He has a 7 year old son who is wonderful, I love spending time with both of them. Does he have a lot of money? No, but why does that matter? If you want nice things, you better be making money to support yourself instead of relying on a man anyway. It doesn't change who they are as a person if they have a child. Also, I'm not looking to have my own children and at this time he isn't looking to have more either. I don't know, I just can't see an issue if everything else is great in the relationship. Unless you don't like kids (which you probably knew before you got into that relationship), or the baby mama/daddy causes way too much drama (if you're nice to them and don't cross any lines with their children, they shouldn't be rude), or if they are just an awful parent to their kid then thats a real reason to leave. You aren't perfect either, you've got some sort of "baggage". Who are you to judge?

  7. I'm mid 20s and have a baby girl on the way. I work full time. with a degree. a home and car. no one has a right to pass judgment on me for being a mom. believe me anyone dating me would never have responsibilities with my child until it got extremely serious. There's nothing wrong with dating someone with kids as long as is there are proper boundaries set. is unrealistic and unfair for people to b** and judge that they can't find somebody yet there are plenty of people out there who would be perfect to you and for you yet they have a child. Its absolutely ridiculous

  8. I actually agree with Wendy on the kids issue. When I was 19 my BF was 26 with 2 kids, and the mom wasn't around. I still had fun, but I was also playing house (and "stepmom") for most of the 2 years we were together. I took on too much responsibility that wasn't mine to give. Then when we broke up, it was extra hard cuz I had to say goodbye to the kids too. It's just too much, too messy. Best to get with someone with no "baggage" .

  9. My cousin did date a man with a child when she was 24 and she loved the little girl …but she had to deal with alot of baby moma drama….and he wound up going back to the childs mom….. but my other cousin met and married a guy with 2 kids and they have been married for about 2 years now and they met when she was 22……so I would say sometimes it works and some times it does not …

  10. I cringe at " You've got the real version of my fake hair"..Jasmine's Response:" Yes Yes"….I wuda repond " Yes! Yes! Yes Haughty!" while snapping my….Wendy u are too shady…lol….u gotta love it!

  11. I see both sides of the whole kid thing. I' ll say this since Im black. Black women who want to marry a black man with no kids better get a man who is in his early 20s or earlier. Everyone knows most straight black men have at least one child/baby mama by the time they are 28. Thats no shade to black men. Its just true.

  12. I am not surprised in a woman who will not a date a man with kids if she doesnt have any …thats typical…she just shouldnt be surprised when she starts popping out babies and men are not interested….thats karma

Dating a Man with Kids

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