Cool Technology You Can Buy On Amazon Today

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  1. If we have gadgets that relieve pain, why hasn't it been a huge success? I just wonder what we end up sacrificing for this device ~ besides money ~ it must have symptom(s) worse than its intention. Having Lupus, I've discovered that doctors try their very best to push drugs on me that either give me irreversible damage elsewhere on my body OR THEY ARE DEADLY! When I refuse, they question me in a condescending attitude…. "Now how are we going to treat your disease?" Oh Brother! How I hate people who act more intelligent than I do & treat me like an ignorant child! Since I am disabled I have more time to research on other 'coping' strategies ~ NOT ONCE HAS THE DOCTOR BROUGHT UP THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FOOD I EAT! ~ In fact the nurse assigned to my physical therapy (which lasted 2 months via Medicare) NEVER EVER brought up any NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS! I researched on my own. When I asked the nurse to sign me in with a nutritionalist, she said that I already 'knew' what I should & shouldn't eat. This may or may not be true. But I know that what I eat & don't eat is VITOL to treating my condition! And we all know that repetition is the key factor to making something a habit! Anyway, I have been using 'alternative' substances that are as natural as I'm going to get on this earth! I take 'TUMERIC' twice a day by capsule in-conjunction with turmeric added to my tea during the day or night. Among its many benefits to the human body, its ability to decrease inflammation has been successful! As you may already know, pain is caused by inflammation, but our immune system doesn't know when to tell our antibodies to stop fighting against us! Funny that our antibodies are suppose to fight for us! I would love to hear from ANYONE OUT THERE who has found a natural 'coping' habit that can reduce this #%$^&*! pain! Thanks for your attention!
    ~ Please respond in kindness ~

  2. why demonstrate cutting edge imaging tech on a legacy century-old fossul fuel consuming dinozaur? Why not a Tesla of better still a Bolt which can giove you 350 miles of electric  miles powered by the sun?

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  4. Imagine how our planet is going to work 50 years from now. I'm sure we as humans will still live on this dying planet 50 years from now. But there will definitely be the death of fast food jobs, improvements in Biotechnology, increased life span, miracle drugs beyond the hepatitis c cure of today. There will be fully autonomous everything, from cars, to lawn mowers. And that means no landscapers!! Just kidding, I used to do landscaping. But in all actuality I do hope that we discover the answer to the question of "What is Consciousness". We will one day be robots living in the matrix.

Cool Technology You Can Buy On Amazon Today

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