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  1. hey hey hey it's ya boi back again with a summary for this video because there's a shit ton of people losing their minds over this video trying to decipher the meaning:
    – there's a lot of oversexualized memes or gory memes
    – debating the ethics of showing that shit to kids usually gets you to the conclusion of "no, bad shit"
    – artists should know their fanbase (kinda hard not to know your fanbase in the first place) and what content they put out that represents them
    – don't restrict your artistic freedom/creativity/expression but rather just think before you act and it will help resolve future unnecessary issues

  2. This probably doesn't relate well with this video but here I go spewing words
    Oh ya, if you don't wanna learn shit about me then just ignore this comment, and there is some stuff that you people (under what? 13? That's enough right?) shouldn't know, now SHOO

    clears through
    I probably have some problems since gore types of stuff help me repress randoms urges to harming/kill others. Just a clarification I WILL never commit such crimes like that. I have ways to repress those, like art, games, and YouTube.
    And if your about to say 'why did you say this' or something like that…
    1. I am actually a minor, shocking I know
    2. I don't really know… I'm just weird I guess

  3. Hey just a thought but the channels aren't their parents. Sure children make nsfw or gorey memes but there really isn't that much you can do about it. You can't just stop making videos and leave YouTube and move to a site that's more apporapite for nsfw. (PornHub, some kinky site whatever) Not everyone will want to move to entire site just to view their favourite YouTuber, especially if their parents do not allow them.

    Kids should not be on YouTube anyways (There's YouTube Kids for a reason). It's not like they're tagging videos like 'kid friendly' or is extremely disturbing etc. Incest, pedofilia, beastiality.

  4. Animation is an art form, and animators have the right to create what they want. It unfortunately is not their fault that children stumble on their creations. While I myself am not a fan of these oversexualized animations, you and I have no right to censor them. Views like this are the reason why animation sometimes isn't as respected as other art forms, and seen as only for children and that they are silly cartoons. It is not the creators fault that a child comes across their work, and it all has to lead back to the parents fault. If parents truly cared, they would keep a closer eye on their childrens' internet usage.

  5. i get you're saying "the creators should at least be more aware of the children in their fanbase and should tone down the graphic subjects in their content, but they don't completely have to stop what they're doing just hold back a bit", etc. etc. and i don't think you're completely wrong, i agree somewhat with that, but at the same time i kinda dont.

    i know you're probably sick and tired of hearing everyone telling you things like "you're wrong! your opinion is invalid! you're stupid!!" and stuff (and im sorry that a lot of people disagree with you in a harsher way than they should) so thats why im gonna try to be a bit more fair (more fair? fairer? what is grammar anymore??) with my argument. im not gonna try to be rude and call you anything for thinking your opinions, if you even see this lmao, but just keep in mind im not gonna hate on you for your opinion, i think you're entitled to it and i respect that.

    anyway, didn't you say that you were like, what, 8? i know people probably bring this up a LOT or something but i feel like this is one of the main reasons why i disagree with you. because, if you truly are 8 years old or somewhere around that age, you pretty much fit into the age demographic of the "innocent children on the internet" that you describe that are viewing this nsfw content. do i think you are a hypocrite? ehh…yes and no.

    yes because if you're 8 years old and are fully aware of and have viewed much of the nsfw animation memes on youtube and you are not (probably not) mentally scarred for life, what means that other kids around your age are not like this as well?

    and no, because i feel like just because you're 8 and you know about this kind of stuff doesn't mean that you're unjustified for not wanting other children your age to view this kind of content.

    but however i just cant seem to agree with you. children are always on youtube, they make up a large percentage of it. if a child happens to stumble upon an nsfw animation meme on youtube and watches it, what really is there to do about it? is it really the content creator's fault for making something that isn't targeted towards kids in the first place? a lot of the times gory or sexual animations are usually age restricted so if a child's youtube account has their actual birthdate set on it (if the child does not have an account age restriction is already enabled) most of those animations will be filtered out without a problem. but if a child does happen to see something inappropriate and continues to search things related to that and watching more inappropriate content, then the most likely are lacking proper morals and discipline, which is supposed to be taught to them by parents. but if the parents just dont care about what the child watches then it's still not the fault of the content creator. even though kids make up a very large portion of youtube's age demographic does not mean every little thing has to be kid friendly.

    like, if a kid watches the simpsons, family guy, or south park, does that mean the creators of those shows should stop being inappropriate with their jokes and such? no, they shouldn't. shows like that are not targeted towards kids but if a kid happens to watch it they cant really do much about it. you may say something like "but youtube and television are two completely different things, it's easier to access youtube nowadays than tv" in which i do say yes and no to. there are a lot more kids on the internet today than any other time before, but a lot of kids do tend to watch tv more than watching youtube. that's how it was for me, anyway. but my point is they arent as different as you'd think. a lot of cable companies allow parental locks on certain channels that aren't good for children to watch, which is a lot like age restriction on youtube. sometimes a child could figure out the password or code for the parental lock, which is like working around the age restriction thing.

    my overall point is, what a child is watching on youtube should be monitored well by a parental figure until they're at an age which the parent thinks it suitable for them to watch whatever content they watch. it is not the content creator's fault.

    im so fucking sorry this is so long lmao, i just wanted to rant out my own opinion, if you don't care thats fine i just wanted to make my argument one that you could take seriously 😛

  6. Here's what I see when I see NSFW MEMEs:

    OP: (get your gay inflection voice ready) Okaaaay guiz, I just finished my hot, steamy soft core porn animation, get ready to type in the comments how hot and sexy my fursona is and how much you wanna eat their _ASS out. 😏

  7. When I was young I watched gory animation and now I love gore it is sad how it does impact your like future cause it's true influence is great power

    Gosh I should watch smart ppl more often

  8. look I get u think its place to say what animaters do with their skill but its not so u need to stop ur dumb rants about how the meme videos are bad for everybody and all that crap because its getting annoying

  9. I actually wanna open up a YouTube animation channel for my characters (I also wanna be a graphic novel artist) but it won't be sexual or overly so, since some of my characters are rooted more in that side. Most of them basically would just be to reveal secrets or pasts/or more about their mindset.

  10. I was a young impressionable kid when I started to watch this gaming channel Attackingtucans and let's just say I never stop cussing. Or making sex jokes. I need to stop.

  11. Lol when I was 7 I used watch South Park and Splatter/Horror movies… So? I'm fine now. I don't think murder people it's okay, I'm not racist and I don't think rape is funny. And I'm 16 now.

  12. I am considered young but i am not naive Ik u meant a majority not all
    I research things. Some animation memes are okay ,Like "The Floor is Lava!" , and "Don't Go"
    The only two i could find Haha Yeah .-.

  13. Just because someone in the furr baby community did something wrong doesn't mean that everyone is going to do that and just because meme some edgy doesn't mean it falls on to creator it fall on the parents because the internet is far form child friendly people should know this by now I am not siding with Yeager or stories I am putting my the things out I know and btw not all children are impressionable


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